The Plymouth School

Encouraging active learning in a nurturing, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment

The Plymouth School is a non-profit, charitable, educational corporation licensed by the California Department of Social Services. We welcome children of all races and religions between the ages of 2 years and five and a half years old. For 45 years and counting, The Plymouth School offers students a creative, play-based, and developmentally appropriate preschool environment in which to learn and grow.

Welcome To The Plymouth School

The Plymouth School is a non-profit, charitable, educational corporation licensed by the California Department of Social Services.  We enroll approximately 60 children a year from the age of two years  up to five years.  Students entering the two/three year old classroom must turn two years old before August 15th of the upcoming school year. Children are grouped according to age and individual need.  Parents may choose to enroll their children for two, three, four, and/or five days per week.  The Plymouth School offers a Morning Program that runs from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM, and a Full Day Program that runs from 8:45 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Plymouth School Program

Our school offers an engaging, creative environment for the preschool child.  The birthright of every child in this country is a learning environment that stimulates and develops his/her intellectual capacity and fulfills his/her drive to discover things about his/herself, other people and the changing world in which he/she walks.  The Plymouth School is designed to fulfill this need for preschool children.  Our experienced staff of teachers specifically trained in early education help children grow and learn in developmentally appropriate ways.

The school environment invites growth through a relaxed variety of experiences.  It includes active play on outdoor equipment as well as quiet time for book reading, conversation, and sharing.  Role-play and dramatic play are encouraged as an essential element in your child’s understanding of the adult world in which he/she lives.

Multi-media art activities are also provided to allow the child to create and experiment.  Music is a vital part of this creative experience, providing another outlet for children to express themselves through movement, rhythms, and song.

Your child’s cognitive processes will be stimulated by language development activities, a wide variety of conceptual materials, and the continual opportunity to explore a rich environment that includes class pets to be cared for, learned from and loved.

We believe that the Plymouth School enables children to build self-confidence and experience the joy of discovery as they explore their world through a day of play.

Special Features of The Plymouth School:

•  Back to School Night for Parents

•  Individual Parent-Teacher Conferences

•  Soup Day celebration in November

•  Holiday Party in December

•  Parent Participation

•  Afternoon activities including Yoga, Music, and  Movement

•  Fourth of July Parade and celebration